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Gray-valGray level Analysis

The amount of gray level variation per hour in ROI is measured.
The area, the coordinate, and trace of gray level object are measured.
The area and the area ratio of gray level displacement are also measured.
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Main specifications
  • arbitrary domain can be set in any size as required.
  • The number of gray level objects is unlimited.
  • Overlay display of luminance contour lines onto an original image

The chronological gray level variations in an arbitrary ROI and particles are measured.
Gray level object can be tracked, the area, the area ratio and the center-of-gravity coordinates, etc. can be measured, and, in addition, the variations in the area and area ratio of gray level displacement and the mean gray level in an arbitrary ROI, etc. can be measured.

data image
Main functions
  • The chronological displacement of motion object (surface area, center-of-gravity coordinate, etc.) is measured.
  • The variations in the area and the area ratio of gray level displacement
  • The average gray level, the total gray level, and the standard deviation of an arbitrary ROI are measured.
  • Data display in a graph and overlay display of a graph onto a motion image
  • Arbitrary ROI is of free size and its number is unlimited.
  • For surface area variation, N value, and luminance contour lines are displayed in an animation.
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Actual Application Examples
  • Diffusion process analysis
  • Luminescence periodic analysis of bio or a machine
  • Circulation velocity analysis in the tank and room
  • Flow field analysis, etc.
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Hardware requirements

CPU:1Ghz or more
Memory: 512MB or more
Monitor display resolution: 1024×768 or more

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