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Flow-vecFlow Vector Analysis

High speed algorithm is used
The continuous processing of a long-hour image is realized.
High-speed measurement of the variation per hour of an unsteady flow
flow-vec image
Main specifications
  • Particle measurement which cannot be binarized
  • Vector coordinates, speed, angle
  • Overlay display of vector onto an original image

Two systems of particle image velocimetry (PIV method) and particle tracking velocimetry (PTV method) are supported.
The continuous processing of a long-hour image, and the measurement of the change per hour of an unsteady flow, etc., can be performed easily by using a high speed algorithm.

PIV: Particle Image velocimetry
PTV: Particle Tracking velocimetry

data image
Main functions
  • The tracer particle image which cannot be binarized is supported.
  • The vector coordinate between images, the speed, and the angle are computed
  • Arbitrary setting of the number of measurement points, ROI, etc.
  • The correction function using a neural network
  • Overlay display of vector diagram onto an original image, video reproduction of a flow line graph,
  • Display of contour figures of speed distribution and vorticity distribution
  • Animation display of line cross-section/mean vector graph within ROI
Catalog Requests
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Hardware requirements

CPU:1Ghz or more
Memory: 512MB or more
Monitor display resolution: 1024×768 or more

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