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Move-tr/3D3D-Motion Analysis

3-dimensional Image Analysis Software using multiple cameras
The DLT method and the optimized dynamic calibration method are used.
Individual graphical representations of speed, distance, angle etc.
Free-viewpoint animation display
Enhanced motion capture function
Overview image
Main specifications
  • Automatic tracking with luminance, colors, and patterns.
  • Measurement of 4096 points / scene
  • Display in trace, line drawing, and vector
  • Application to robot vision

For a motion image taken with two or more cameras, 3-dimensional motion coordinates are measured by the DLT method and the optimized dynamic calibration method.
This motion image analysis software allows the analysis data to be easily calculated for the 3-dimentional coordinates of (x, y, z, t), and to be displayed as a graph or with an animation from different viewpoint.

data image
Main functions
  • Diff format (DA file) output
  • Calibration coordinate conversion
  • Result display of the angles made to a basic plane
  • Automatic target indexing between cameras
  • Rigid body 6 DOF measurement & polygon display
  • Tracking hidden points
  • BVH motion data output
  • DIFF file output
  • Standardization and comparative display functions of multiple data
  • Animated result display by DirectX
  • Direct three-dimensional data is created from the images of each camera
  • The DLT method and the optimized dynamic calibration method are used.
  • Up to 32 cameras
Catalog Requests
Actual Application Examples
  • Vibration and displacement analyses in building and civil engineering fields
  • Human motion analysis, rehabilitation, and development of artificial hands and legs
  • Motion analysis of machine tool
  • Facial motion analysis
  • Robot vision
  • Motion capture etc
 MOVIE (clicked an image to play.)

Hardware requirements

CPU:1Ghz or more
Memory: 512MB or more
Monitor display resolution: 1024×768 or more

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