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Move-tr/2D2D-Motion Analysis

The tracking algorithm has three types of center-of-gravity tracing, particle tracking velocimetry (PTV), and pattern matching.
The tracking method has three systems of automatic tracking/semi-automatic/simple manual specified.
Coordinate, speed, distance, angle, etc. are measured.
Calculated data can be exported to spreadsheet.
Overlay display of trace onto an original image and its animation display
Overview image
Main specifications
  • Automatic tracking with luminance, colors, and patterns.
  • Display of trace, a line drawing, and a vector
  • Various image pre-processings, such as various filters and background differencing
  • Data correction functions, such as smoothing and spline interpolation

An object movement is tracked automatically, position coordinate (X, Y) is computed, and the data of speed, moving distance, angle, etc., is measured. This moving image analysis software allows analyzed data to be displayed in a graph overlaying to motion image, and for trace flow to be checked with an angle-free animation display.

data image
Main functions
  • Automatic tracking of measuring points with luminance, colors, and patterns.
  • The number of measuring points is unlimited.
  • Arbitrary scaling of distance and time
  • Calculation items include position, distance, speed, angle, relative distance, etc.
  • Synchronous animation display of trace, line drawing, vector etc.
  • Sojourn time of each area and the number of entering and leaving for behavioral analysis
  • Creating standardized data from a lot of measurement data
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Actual Application Examples
  • Human motion analysis, rehabilitation, and development of artificial hands and legs
  • Behavioral analyses of animals, insects, microbes, etc.
  • Displacement analysis of stress and strain
  • Analysis of high-speed phenomena, such as shock and falling test
  • Videofluorographic analysis of swallowing
  • Video fluorography analysis
  • Robot vision
  • Motion capture etc
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Hardware requirements

CPU:1Ghz or more
Memory: 512MB or more
Monitor display resolution: 1024×768 or more

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